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Residential Home Inspections

A home inspection prior to completing the purchase of a home protects all parties involved in the transaction. A home inspection is in the best interest of the buyer, the seller and the agents.


Commercial Inspections

When buying a commercial property, most investors are thinking about potential profit. However, additional costs related to unforeseen damages and needed repairs can turn that profit into loss. That’s why working with Belmont Home Inspections brings peace of mind. Call for a quote!


Structural Pest Inspections

Structural Pest Inspection in our opinion is a must. Fungus rot is the #1 wood destroying organism, capable of doing thousands of dollars of damage in a relatively short amount of time. Wood Destroying Organisms like Subterranean termites, wood boring beetles, And various species of Ants can also be a major problem. Ask about a Structural Pest Inspection to make sure you don’t have an infestation before you make your purchase! 

SPI LICENSE #: 92014



Radon Testing

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that comes up from the ground and can concentrate in crawl spaces and in buildings — like your home. “One in five homes in Clark County has a radon problem,” PSU geologist Dr. Scott Burns. Get your home checked today to make sure you and your family are safe!

Working with Belmont Home Inspections brings peace of mind!